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1.  Taso’s Life: Person and Community

      Sidney W. Mintz


2.  Environmental Struggles in Paradise: Puerto Rican Cases, Caribbean Lessons

     Sherrie Baver


3. “Batista is Dead”: Media, Violence and Politics in 1950s Cuba

      Alejandra Bronfman


4. English

    José Toro-Alfonso, Mabel López Ortiz, Karen Nieves Lugo


5. English

    Yarimar Bonilla


6. English

    José Abreu Cardet


7. English

    Antonio J. Pinto


8. In Memoriam Dr. Michel-Rolph Trouillot

    Drexel G. Woodson, Brackette F. Williams


9. English

    Gerardo Maloney


10. On Eric Williams: An Assesment of Selwyn Ryan’s Biography

      Paul Sutton


11. Devon Dick. 2010. The Cross and the Machete: Native Baptists of Jamaica-Identity, Ministry, and Legacy.

      Stephen D. Glazier


12. J. Marten Schalkwijk. 2010. The Colonial State in the Caribbean: Structural Analysis and Changing Elite Networks in Suriname, 1650-1920

      Aarón Gamaliel Ramos


13. Belinda Edmondson. 2009. Caribbean Middlebrow : Leisure Culture and the Middle Class.

      Brandon Byrd


14. English

      Yvonne Daniel


15. Gina A. Ulysse. 2007. Downtown Ladies: Informal Commercial Importers, a Haitian Anthropologist, and Self-Making in Jamaica.

      Faye V. Harrison


16. Annie Paul, ed. 2006. Caribbean Culture: Soundings on Kamau Brathwaite.

      Rupa Pillai


17. Mercedes Cros Sandoval. 2006. Worldview, the Orichas, and Santería: Africa to Cuba and Beyond.

      Héctor E. López-Sierra